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Liz Cleves - The Nature of Colour (8 - 16 October)

Jul 28, 2016

A new exhibition featuring the work of artist Liz Cleves, in acrylics - inspired by the St. Ives School of Painting using themes of colour texture, line and form to convey mood and atmosphere.

Acrylics perfectly suit the speed at which Liz Cleves currently works on abstracts. The value of each of the three media has been the unfolding of the ‘unexpected’, and the consequent insight into processes, and into the complexity and pleasure that accrues from them. 

There is an sort of alchemy that lies within the process of mixing pigments and putting them to work… and this process works well alongside the making of the picture itself.

She is fascinated by contrasts and changes of mood that occur at the interfaces between one shape and another. The light that plays on rock faces, the sky, the sea, man made structures (such as boats and buildings) draws her to paint. Each different environment holds a gamut of colours that enables her to produce different responses – and so colour mixing is central to her painting. She is preoccupied with colour as it fills space, and with lines that serve to indicate relationships within compositions as well as assisting with the describing of form.

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